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In the second round of the election, we will vote for Macron to avoid catastrophe, but his platform with regard to security and international relations needs improvement
It is without any qualms that we will vote for Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the Presidential election. Our choice in the first round of the election was François Fillon, whose program we thought was the most developed, but the people have voted. To those who encourage a vote for Marine Le Pen, and to those who, encouraging abstention, will only favor her, we want to say that, although we understand their anger, a vote for the extreme right party is not a solution. Granted, Marine le Pen has changed a lot of things within her party and largely cut ties with her father’s ideas and rhetoric, but while FN voters are (of course) respectable, the party continues to attract and concentrate on unbearable people. An example of this is Jean-François Jalkh, an interim president that renounced his position after three days for revisionist reasons. In addition, Marine Le Pen’s European and economic program can only lead to irreversible results.
Au deuxième tour, nous voterons Macron pour éviter une catastrophe, mais son programme « sécuritaire » et international doit être amélioré
C’est sans aucun état d’âme que nous voterons pour Emmanuel Macron au deuxième tour de la Présidentielle. Notre choix, au premier tour, s’était porté, on le sait, sur François Fillon qui nous semblait avoir le programme le plus abouti, mais le peuple a tranché. A ceux qui prônent le vote pour Marine Le Pen, ou à ceux qui, prônant l’abstention, ne feront que la favoriser, nous voulons dire que, si nous comprenons leur colère, le vote pour les extrêmes n’est pas une solution.
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